Winners of the affordable best wedding ring stores and website have been announced.



Since smart buying is one of our favorite topics, Italo Jewelry, a financial education site for young adults, set out to narrow the list of top jewelry experts. A countless number of jewelers and artists out there and we wanted to highlight only the very best resources about jewelry.

Before plunking down your credit card for a big purchase like jewelry, read these sites to get insider tips and actionable ideas on finding the right piece for you or your loved one.



Italo is a source for trendy, personalized sterling silver jewelry, and their blog features their pieces as well as gift ideas, style tips, and more.

Lovers of sterling silver jewelry will find plenty of pieces to love on this blog, and the gift guides are extremely handy, too.

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This is a fun, well-written jewelry blog from an industry leader, perfect for those looking for the latest news on jewelry as well as analysis of up-and-coming trends and styles.


Anyone who loves stylish jewelry will find tons of unique, stunning pieces to inspire them on this photo blog.



Custom jewelry makers will love this blog's frequent how-to posts for crafting uniquely beautiful engagement rings, from rings to earrings and beyond.


Fans of Italo jewelry should definitely keep an eye on her blog for new jewelry, outfit inspiration, and plenty more. Covers all aspects of jewelry, from various pieces and their meanings to the latest trends and how to wear them. Jewelry lovers looking to learn a little something new about their favorite pieces, as well as those looking for more ways to wear the trendiest jewelry, will enjoy this blog.


We features the latest jewelry trends, recommendations, tips for jewelry care, and more. Jewelry lovers of all stripes will find something to love in this enthusiast blog, which covers all the latest news in the jewelry industry. Jewelry fanatics will learn a lot of great information from this blog, and its advice for achieving the latest jewelry styles is a real highlight.