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Why Choose Italo Jewelry

Show Your Feel: Bring It To Love, Life And Every Occasion.

  • Jewelry makes giving so much more real when you actually chose every part of the piece you’re giving to that special someone. Then you can say that it truly came from the heart. We know that you’re not buying just a piece of jewelry – you’re trying to put how you feel into something that goes beyond words. That’s why you need something completely unique.
  • Something that no one else has ever received. A One in a million gift. Nothing says it like unique jewelry. And there is no place better than ITALO to get it made, for these 3 simple reasons:

Outstanding Handcrafted Quality

  • Buying online doesn’t mean buying cheap. All our items are handmade by professional craftsmen. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by seasoned craftsmen.

It’s Cheaper To Buy Directly From Us

  • How can we sell at such a low price? Because we only sell online and don’t have the overheads of expensive retail stores. We’ve also cut out the middle man and pass on the savings to you. What’s more, we are a bulk buyer of raw materials so get a lower price than a local artisan, while still producing handcrafted designs.

Security, Service And Satisfaction Guarantees

    Jewelry and customer service are our twin passions. We take pride in every piece we produce and want you and your loved ones to be as happy with it as we are. Every item is hand made and inspected multiple times during the manufacturing process. We also provide a 1 year warranty on all items and you can return any item –within 30-Days for refund of the purchase price.

    Service is our pleasure. You can contact us by email at any time. We are one of the biggest online jewelry retailers, shipping tens of thousands of items every year. Security is assured when you order with us. Our online security is regularly audited by Industry Trustwave. We never store your credit card number and offer full guarantees for every order.