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Our History
Italo Jewelry was created by Italo, a talented craftsman and artist, in Italy in 1967. Making jewelry was the dream of Italo, so he made a lot of effort to make every piece of his jewelry to make sure his customers would be satisfied with his works. Very soon, Italo Jewelry became more and more popular in the local place. But one day after 2 years, burned by the hot fire in jewelry making, his wife miscarried in the third month of her pregnancy. Italo lost his unborn child, and decided not to make jewelry again. He closed Italo Jewelry and they moved to Florida to start their new life. However, he could not stop his passion and dream on jewelry. Inspired by many of his life experience, Italo designed over 100 pieces of jewelry before died in the year 2016, at his 70’s. He kept pursuing his jewelry dream for his whole life, but not known by any people, except his family and friends. To realize Italo’s dream, his son, Ezio restarted Italo Jewelry to bring Italo’s design to more people. After a series study of jewelry design, he collected Italo’s designs and added some of his idea to the design. Thus, Italo Jewelry Store reopened.
Our Mission

The New Itao Jewelry includes several craftsmen, a master hand-engraver, a gemstone specialist, CAD designers, and a full sales and marketing team. Working together, we give you an amazing, enjoyable custom fine jewelry experience that ends with the jewelry piece of your dreams.

Italo Jewelry keeps the value: Every moment should be remembered. Life is wonderful and we shouldn’t always keep waiting for major milestones. This is what Italo Jewelry’s mission. Collection after collection, Italo’ll introduce you to unique, luxurious, and romantic fine jewelry designs that you can connect with. Pieces that make your heart sing every time you wear them and that speak to you, right down to your core.

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Our Promise
  • Our Design

    It begins with a sketch that’s refined until a design is discovered. From there, a CAD model is developed to observe the design concept in 3-D. In this phase, endless hours are spent reviewing every aspect of the design, from the stones to the settings, until our vision is accomplished.

  • Our Setting

    All of our micro-set sapphires are hand set and then inspected under microscopes by seasoned artisans who work within one of 5 disciplines: pavé settings, channel settings, prongs, bezel settings or tension settings. This ensures that all sapphires are securely fastened and that they reflect light exactly as conceptualized. Additionally, unlike many in the industry who use glue to set diamonds or set them using only two prongs, we go a step further and use four prongs to protect sapphires and prevent stones from falling out.

  • Our Quality

    As a concept is formed in reality, it is monitored in 10 separate quality-control stations. Metals are alloyed to ensure enduring craftsmanship. Details are celebrated in the complicated beadwork, filigree, and engraving that set our pieces apart. Our rings are made of created sapphire and sterling silver to make the jewelry more shining and duarable to wear. When working with sterling silver, we also alloy with palladium, which minimizes the allergens and helps retain true color.

Quality Verified By International Institution SGS

SGS: A multinational notarization company headquartered in Switzerland.

Currently the world's largest and oldest product quality control and technical identification multinational company.